Microsoft Teams Direct Routing in 15 minutes

Microsoft Direct Routing Support

dSIPRouter can be used as a Session Border Controller for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. We handle all of the complexites of connecting and routing calls inbound and outbound of Microsoft Teams.

Certificate Management

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing only allows SIP over TLS. During install we automatically generate a LetsEncrypt Certificate based on the name of your Microsoft Teams Domain. Alternately, you can provide a certificate.

Routing to Carriers

dSIPRouter installs with a popular set of SIP Carriers already configured or you can configure your own carriers. So, you will have traffic routing out of Microsoft Teams within minutes

Powershell Scripts

Not a Microsoft Teams Expert? Don't worry, our Web UI provides you with the PowerShell scripts that needs to be executed in order to connect dSIPRouter to your Microsoft Teams Domain.

We Provide the Powershell Commands

Once you install - we provide you with the Powershells commands to connect dSIPRouter to Microsoft Teams and the scripts to route traffic outbound

Support & Training Options

We have a few different support options to choose from and one training course

$266 per/month (paid annually)

Our standard paid support offering for dSIPRouter. Click on "Purchase Support Now" for the details of this offering

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