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Use Cases

dSIPRouter can be used to implement different use cases within minutes

PBX Hosting

Proxy SIP Endpoint requests to a multi-tenant PBX such as FusionPBX or single-tenant such as FreePBX

SIP Trunking

Provide services to customers that have an on-premise PBX such as FreePBX, FusionPBX, Avaya, etc. We have support for IP and credential based authentication

Quick Install

You can quickly install on Debian and CentOS. It takes about 4-9 minutes to install

Install Instructions

Amazon AMI

We have an Amazon AMI that will allow you to start working with dSIPRouter immediately . This is perfect when you want to get up and going fast, especially when your PBX's are on AWS as well. There's a Free 30 day trial - Check it out!

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dSIPRouter Cloud (Coming Soon)

You will be able to launch an instance of dSIPRouter and have the ability to automatically configure HA mode by clicking a button.

Support & Training Options

We have a few different support ptions to choose from and one training course

$100/Month (paid annually)

Our standard paid support offering for the base Open Source version of dSIPRouter. Click on "Purchase Support Now" for the details of this offering

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